Professor Ekhleif Tarawneh




Professional role and future vision based on the following principles:

  • Playing a leading role in the development of Higher Education policies in Jordan
  • Building and maintaining strong working relationships between the University and its Community.
  • Working on raising the level of the University to be recognized nationally and globally. 
  • Developing and communicating a clear vision about the University and work as a team towards the achievement of strategic objectives. 
  • Determining the long-term objectives and priorities of the University. 
  • Monitoring the strategic change priorities and be as a change catalyst to adapt these priorities. 
  • Generating all necessary resources from public and private sector and allocating it to achieve the university objectives.
  • Follow-up on the interests of the University for the Highest Levels of Government and local Communities.


  • 1992 PhD in Educational Administration, University of Kansas, USA.
  • 1990 Educational Specialist, Emporia State University, USA.
  • 1988 M.A., School Administration, Emporia State University, USA.
  • 1984 Diploma in Business. Milan, Italy
  • 1979 B.A., Public Administration, The University of Jordan, Jordan.

Positions Held

29/3/2012 – 28/3/2016President of The University of Jordan, Jordan.

20/9/2010 – 28/3/2012  President of Al-Balq’a Applied University, Jordan.

28/2/2008 – 20/9/2010 President of Higher Education Accreditation Commission, Jordan.

6/10/2009 – 20/9/2010 Member of the Higher Education Council, Jordan.

22/11/2004 – 22/11/2007 Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mu’tah University, Jordan

2003 – Nov. 2004 Dean of Students’ Affairs, (Founder of the Warm Electronic Home), Mu’tah University, Jordan

2002 – 2003 Director of the Southern Center for Training and Consultation, Mu’tah University, Jordan

2000 – 2002 Assistant to the President for Administration Affairs and Acting Director of the Southern Center for Studies and Continuing Education, Mu’tah University, Jordan

1999 – 2000 Founding Dean for the Faculty of Sports, Mu’tah University, Jordan

1998 – 1999 Director of the MU Library, Mu’tah University, Jordan

1997 – 1998 Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education, Mu’tah University, Jordan.

1997 – 1998 Acting Chair of the Physical Education Dept. Faculty of Education, Mu’tah University, Jordan.

1991 – 1993 Coordinator of Academic Programs. University of Kansas, USA.

1985 Insurance Consultant. Yarmouk Corporation for Insurance and Reinsurance.

1982 – 1986Assistant Head of the Investment Section. Ministry of Industry and Trade, Jordan

Academic Experience

Professor of educational administration, The University of Jordan, Jordan, 2012-2016.Professor of educational administration, Al-Balq’a Applied University, Jordan, 2010-2012.Professor of educational administration, Mu’tah University, Jordan, 1993-2008.Advisor and teacher. The Farm, INC. Boarding School for Disadvantaged children, 1996-1998.Adjunct Instructor. Al-Khawarzmi Community College,1986

Areas of Special Interest

Educational administration; Higher Education Policy & Administration; Strategic Planning; Mission & Goals of Education; Curricular & Program Development; Institutional Development; International Education & Exchanges; Learning & Technology; Total Quality Management in Education; Benchmarking in Education.


Selected Articles:

1-"Developed Model for Teachers Professional Development in Jordanian Central Region Schools in the Light of the Views of Supervisors and Managers Educators for the Region", Al-Quds Open University Magazine, 2016.

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24-The Attitudes of High School Students, Teachers and Principals towards Secondary Education in Jordan.” Ed. S Dissertation 1990.


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9-Visions and Thought on General and Higher Education, Dar Amjad, 2015.

Selected Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars:

1-Participant, "National Reconciliation and Its Role in Development and Reconstruction", Amman, May, 28, 2016.

2-Speaker, "Higher Education Conference in the Arab World: Towards a Global Competitveness", Amman, May, 11-12, 2016.

3-Speaker, "Accountability and the Educational System", in the First Meeting for Jordanian Society for Educational Sciences, "Spot Lights and views on  Hot Jordanian Higher Education Issues", Amman, April, 15-16, 2016.

4-Session Chair, Approaches to Construction and Destruction: a Comparison, Amman, April 9-10, 2016.

5-Participant, The Knowledge Summit, the way to innovation, Dubai, December 7-9, 2015. 

6-Speaker, Third session of the program "Arabic teachers: come to Turkey" entitled "Teaching Arabic in Turkish Institutions", Istanbul 29 May University, Istanbul, June 13, 2015.

7-Speaker, the 2015 Hamburg Transnational University Leaders Council, Hamburg- Germany, June 10-12, 2015.

8-Attendee, The Second International Conference on Nabataean Culture, organized by the University of Jordan and Brigham Young University. Utah- USA, May 6-9, 2015.

9-Speaker at "Ethics against Anti-doping and Sports Integrity" seminar, the University of Jordan, April, 28, 2015, "University Ethics and Life Skills".

10-Speaker at the first international conference "Education, Future Prospect" organized by the Faculty of Education of Al Baha University, KSA. The paper entitled "Quality Policies in Higher Education Institutions", 12-15 April 2015. 

11-Speaker, the 3rd International Islamic Studies Conference on "Islamic Values in a Changing World", March 23-25, 2015. The paper entitled "Moderation in Islam".

12-Speaker at University Presidents Forum-Government Summit, organized by United Arab Emirates University, Dubai-UAE, 9-11 February 2015.

13-Attendee, "Developing Partnerships to Work Together for Achieving a Quality Practice and for Developing the Sport Integrity" seminar, organized by Japan Anti-Doping Agency with World Anti-Doping Agency, Tokyo-Japan, 29-30 January, 2015.

14-Attendee, "IV Baku International Humanitarian Forum", organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, October 2-3, 2014.

15-High Ranking Jordanian Delegation visit to France, 21-27 September, 2014.

16-Regional Workshop on "Youth and the Localization of Knowledge", organized by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme, Dubai, 10-11/11/2013.

17-Speaker at the "First Arab-Euro conference on Higher Education", organized by The University of Barcelona in collaboration with The Association of Arab Universities (AARU) and the European University Association, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 30-31/5/2013.

18-Keynote Speaker, Continuous Education and Knowledge Economy, Tiibah University KSA, 4-2-2012.

19-Conducting seminars and workshops for al Baha university about accreditation and benchmarking, 2011.

20-Speaker at the seminar organized by the World Bank "Exploring Potential tools to facilitate Labor Mobility, Alleviate Skills Mismatches and create Lifelong learning Opportunities", held in Marseille / France: - 14-15/6/2010.

21-Member in the External Panel to conduct an Institutional review for the "Ahlia University" in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 29/5 - 3/6 /2010.

22-Speaker at the 15th scientific week (Innovation and Change Forces, El-Hassan Science City, 10-12/5/2010.

23-Speaker at the Aqaba Economic Forum – Achievements and Opportunities, on investment in education. Aqaba 1-2/5/2010.

24-Keynote Speaker at the round table of quality assurance at Garyounis University. Benghazi/Libya, 27-28 / 4 / 2010.

25-Team Leader (Internal and External Accreditors) for the educational college programs in Palestine, March – June 2010.

26-Attendee, ANQAHE conference/ morocco for "development strategies of institutional assessment criteria", 29-30/3/2010.

27-Attendee, Workshops on the future of Higher Education and visions of HEAC in QA and its procedures held in many public and private universities in the period between 24/1/2010-13/4/2010.

28-Attendee, ANQAHE General Assembly Meeting in Amman-Jordan on 8/1/2010.

29-Speaker at the Roundtable Meeting OF Quality Assurance Agencies of the organization of the Islamic Conference Member Countries (OICMC QA ROUNDTABLE) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 13-15, 2009.

30-Speaker at a Regional Learning Seminar of ANQAHE and DAAD to improve the management of QA in Arab Region. Cairo, 17-22/5/2009/.

31-Speaker at Workshop at the British Open University in coordination with the Arab Open University in Jordan and the British QA/UK 17-22/5/2009.

32-Attendee, INQAAHE conference for “New Approaches to QA in the Changing World of Higher Education" Abu Dhabi, from 30 March -2April, 2009.

33-Attendee, Workshop held by the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in higher education institutions/Jordan 26-27/12/2008.

34-Attendee, Seminar on QA and accreditation standards. Association of Arab Universities- Cairo. 23-25/11/2008.35-Speaker at the Arab Universities Presidents Seminar, China 30/10-20/11/2008. 36-Attendee, Workshop on the accreditation standards in the universities held in Saudi Arabia 1-2/6/2008. 37-Attendee, Conference on "Total Quality Management in Educational Institutions. 29-31/7/2007.38-Attendee, Workshop for one month held by the ministry of trade in china, Shanghai for Arab universities presidents 2007.39-Attendee, The First Arab Conference: Quality of universities and the requirements of licensing and accreditation .Sharqah, 2006.40-Attendee, Conference on “the Response of the Arab Administration to the Changes in the early 21sth century.” Aleppo University 2004.41-Keynote Speaker at the Workshop on the Modern Government Administration in Facing the International Changes and Challenges. Aleppo University 2004.42-Attendee, The Second Arab Conference on “Consultation and Training.” Sharjah 2003.43-Attendee, Creative Leadership and its Relation to Integrity and Transparency Lebanon 2002.44-Attendee, The National Circle for seniors in Charge of Planning and Administration in Higher Education, Jordan 2002.45-Attendee, Seminars on “The Jordanian Women in Public Life” 2002.46-Attendee, Seminar on “Tourism in Jordan Limitation and Vision” 2001.47-Attendee, Seminar on “Higher Education in Jordan: Reality and Aspirations.”48-Attendee, Conference on the Woman’s Sports and the Future Sciences. Alexandria Egypt, 1999.49-Attendee, Seminar on Supervision and Educational Administration in the Southern Region of Jordan- Mu’tah University, 1998.50-Attendee, Conference on Educational Research in the Arab World: Where is it Heading? Jordan 1998.51-Attendee, The 11th Conference on Information, Iraq, 1998.52-Attendee, Seminar on the New School Principal. University of Kansas, USA, 1990. 53-Attendee, National Conference for the offices of Foreign Students’ Affairs in USA, Colorado, 1989.

Awards, Honors and Scholarships

•Honorary Doctorate, Tirgu Mures University, Romania, May 2015.•Honorary Doctorate, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, June 2014.•First Class Student of Jerusalem Badge of Honor, December 2013.•The Golden Medal of Al-Farabi, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, December 2013.•A Plaque and a Certificate of appreciation from the Peace and Friendship International Organization, Copenhagen- Denmark, 11/2013.•Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education, "World Education Congress 2012", Mumbai, India, 29/6/2012.•Honor Society for International Scholars PHI Beta Delta/ 1992. •Who's Who Among International Students In American Universities And Colleges /U.S.A, 1990. •Edgar Celvin Scholarship, ESU/ U.S.A,1988 •Italian Foreign Ministry: Scholarship for High Diploma in Economics, 1988. •Ministry of Education, High School Top of Classes Scholarship /Jordan, 1976.

Selected Committees Memberships Member of the Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (ACGSSR) of the Association of Arab Universities, 2015-2017.Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Higher Council of Youth.Vice President of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (ISESCO), Nov. 2013- March 2016.Member of the Board of Trustees of King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement.Member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Student Aid International / Jordan Branch.Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian-Palestinian Brotherhood Society.Member of the Advisory Commission of the Royal Scientific Society.Member of the Civil Service Board 1/5/2012- Present.Member: the Executive Council of the Association of Arab Universities.Fulbright Commission, 2010 – present. Member: the Higher Education Council in Jordan.Chairman: the board of directors/ Al-Balq'a Eletronic AcademyChairman: the Board, Arab council of training studentsChairman: the Board of directors, Fund to Support of the Palestinian UniversitiesArab Council for Training Students of Arab UniversitiesMember: the Academic Administrator Committees of the Higher Education Council, 2009-2010.Member: the Steering Committee of the National Conference of curricula and teaching, learning methods and scientific research in the universities of Jordan March 2010.Member: the Committee of the Higher Education in the areas of communications and information technology 2/11/2009- To date.Member: the Advisory Committee of the American National Council for the adoption and the training of teachers (NCATE). Zayed University / United Arab Emirates 2009-2010.Member: the Cooperative Project for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for the preparation of educators 2009-2010.Member: the Assembly of Jordan Academy 2009.Member: the Board of Trustees of Zarqa Private University / Head of the Academic Committee of the Council 2006-2008.Counselor for the Jordanian Youth parliament 2005-2008.Mu'tah university representative with general council of the Jordanian.National Committee for Education, Culture and Science 2004.General coordinator of the Jordanian universities comprehensive examinationMember: the Advisory Council of the Karak Governorate 2004-2007. Member: the Promotion Committee for Teachers of the Karak Directorate in Karak.Member: Mu’tah Club for Culture and Heritage.Honor Member: That Ras Club, Karak Club and Mu’tah Club. Member and Head of Committees: the Faculty of Education, Mu’tah University. Founding Member for Moab Cultural Club.Member and Head in Ph.D. and MA Defense Committees in various Jordanian and Arab Universities.Vice President of Al-Own Charity organization for Universities Students. Member: Administration council of Prepare Young Leader Center 2005.Honor head of Al Karak Club for Kickboxing 2005.Member of the supreme committee of  the Local Community Development.2000-2003Member of the Royal Committee of Rehabilitation of the Retired Servicemen 2000. Member: Arab Management Society-Bahrain 2000.Member: Arab Association of Educators-Iraq 1999.Member: Arab Library Association-Tunisia 1999.Member of the Jordanian Association of Educators 1996.Member of the American Alumni Association- Amman 1994.

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