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Al-Quds University signs an agreement and lay the foundation stone "Munib R. Masri center for scientific research and the quality of education"

Al-Quds University celebrated today signing an agreement and lay the foundation stone for the building, "Munib R. Masri center for scientific research and the quality of education", With Rashid Munib Masri Development Foundation, and the University of Jordan, on the main campus of the university, In the presence of Chairman of the Board of Trustees Al-Quds University, Ahmed Qurei, Munib R. Masri, the university president Dr. Imad Abu kishk, the Minister of the Jordanian Higher Education Dr. Labib Khadra, the head of the University of Jordan, Dr. Akhalif Tarawneh, Munib Rabih Masri and representatives of ministries and educational institutions, and representatives of civil society and the private sector, and a group of university professors and researchers.

The president of the Board of Trustees of the Al-Quds University, Ahmed Qurei considered that Al-Masri's contribution to the establishment of a research center is a generous initiative on behalf of the Waqf of Jerusalem, Adding that it is a practical expression of the strength of the Jordanian-Palestinian relations,  And coverage for all fields that require the integrity of responsibility in supporting the development of creativity and invention.

Imad Abu kishk said "We see in this prestigious event the support to Jerusalem, and to enhance the steadfastness of its people, in light of the risks of the siege and narrow and assaults, and the suffering of the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the aggression and the break-ins in an attempt to judaize and divide it in time and space".

He added that this project is unique in the Arab region, as it is designed primarily to support the development and promotion of scientific research in Jordanian-Palestinian universities and higher education institutions, and strengthen cooperation among themselves, explaining his contribution to the development of the Jordanian and the Palestinian economy and achieve sustainable development in the two countries.

Abu kishk thanked Mr. Munib Masri of His idea of waqf of Jerusalem for his initiatives benevolent and his belief in the importance of supporting the development and promotion of scientific research and innovation in the Palestinian and Jordanian universities, valuing its bid generous with his own money to fund the waqf, and the obligation to pay the amount of 100 thousand jod per year for the next ten years, bringing the total what pledged to more than 4 million USD.

He affirmed the importance of the waqf and support to stimulate entrepreneurs to follow his example and support scientific research and innovation in higher education institutions in the two countries.

Following Dr. Labib Khadra, "to this day especially symbolic, the two brotherly countries grouped under the umbrella of the Waqf of Jerusalem with the support of Al-Masri in the purest spot, a city of Jerusalem, affirming that this support has a great importance in the Arab world because of the urgent need to develop scientific research and the quality of education being the criteria of key global competition." .

In turn, Dr. Ekhlif Tarawneh today spoke, saying "our meeting today is a meeting of love, work and vision to serve Jerusalem and Palestine, and to serve the Palestinian cause and make it once again the central issue to the Arabs and Muslims," he said, adding that the University of Jordan is doing daily activities that frames this agreement and speak about Palestine and Jerusalem.

Munib Rabih Masri expressed his pleasure for his presence at the university, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Jerusalem, which is separated apartheid wall ", affirming the support of Munib Masri Foundation to Jerusalem and Palestine, and their quest to support all Palestinian universities and the Arab countries, expressing his pride in this partnership which brought together Palestinian and Jordanian countries .

In a related context, and to complement the signing ceremony that took place in Jordan, Al-Quds University signed Agreement of waqf of Jerusalem Project for scientific research and the quality of education, with the partnership between them and the University of Jordan, and the Foundation Munib R. Masri development, in the headquarters of the Palestinian cabinet in Ramallah, under the auspices of Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah and the presence of the Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saydam and Jordanian Minister of Higher Education Dr. Labib Khadra and president of Al Quds University, Dr. Imad Abu Kishk and head of the University of Jordan, Dr. Akhalif Altarawneh, and the engineer and businessman Munib al-Masri.

Dr. Rami Rami Hamdallah affirmed through signing the agreement on a pledge and commitment to the Palestinian government to pay 100 thousand JOD each year to fund the waqf of Jerusalem, speaking about the importance of the waqf is to provide an institutional framework for securing financial resources for the production of knowledge as well as they come suitable to the needs of the Palestinian society to the necessities of life for defying the odds.

It should be noted that the waqf of Jerusalem for scientific research and the quality of education, is a promising scientific research project in a direction of supporting innovations and inventions, and the development of the educational process in the Palestinian and Jordanian universities components, and will benefit from it, most of the Arab and Islamic universities, by opening partnerships and ways of cooperation with academic institutions locally, regionally and internationally, including serves the transition from knowledge consumption to production, export and use it to the maximum possible, and employ them in the service of sustainable development, without ignoring the presence of the occupation, where this project is one of the Palestinian struggle tools toward defeat it, it has long been the science for the Palestinians is the tributary to their steadfastness in their home, and the production of knowledge is the basis for nation-building and the completion of economic and political independence.

Vision of waqf of Jerusalem stems from scientific research and the quality of education to provide an institutional framework structured to secure a permanent and growing financial resources to support the preparation of human resources of creators and inventors, scientists, researchers and technicians from the Jordanian and Palestinian university students, and the production of knowledge and innovation by providing a supportive and stimulating environment to researchers on scientific and technological innovation and creativity the literary and cultural.


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