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The Values We Are Looking For


Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research strongly advocates ethical practices in all of its operations, in line with the objective nature of science, and stemming from a recognition that good science requires transparency and a high consideration for human values. These practices will also be applied through all stages of the research grant scheme, from submission and assessment of proposals to the implementation of research projects. This commitment will be particularly valuable in training research students and early career researchers involved in these projects in ethical practice.


The rapidly-increasing global population and the ever-growing divide between the rich and the poor has resulted in particular scientific challenges for developing communities. QASR holds that it is important for communities to be empowered to address their own most pressing needs, and that this is best achieved by knowledge transfer. QASR will therefore seek to support scientific research projects with clear roadmaps towards achieving these aims.


Scientific advances in the past have had revolutionary effects on society, from the invention of the light bulb to the near-global eradication of smallpox and the discovery of penicillin. The twenty-first century world presents new challenges, including climate change, neglected diseases, and management of the exponentially-increasing amounts of data available. QASR is committed to supporting research that addresses the most pertinent scientific questions facing the region and the world.



The vision of QASR is for a vibrant and thriving research community in the Middle East, producing research of high quality and impact as judged on a global measure. In order to achieve this aim, QASR will seek to connect researchers in the Middle East with leading research institutions and researchers throughout the world to conduct high quality research. Furthermore, QASR will resource researchers at their home institutions in order to develop a conducive environment for research excellence.

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