Prof. Imad Abu Kishek


Vice Chairman

Prof. Imad Abu Kishek has been a student, educator and administrator at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem for over three decades beginning in 1984. In addition, he has been active in Palestinian society and has served the academic community in various roles over the years. Perhaps most importantly he has contributed to several important developments in higher education, and continues to strive ceaselessly for advances therein.

Prof. Imad began working at the university in 1991. He graduated from Al-Quds University in 1990 and earned his PhD in Law and Public Policy from Northeastern University in the United States of America in 2011. He has filled many key positions, including those of PR Director, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Vice President and currently Al-Quds University President. Throughout his career he has helped develop and maintain one of the largest and most prestigious academic and educational institutions in East Jerusalem. In addition to his administrative work, Prof. Imad also served as Head of the Political Science Department. He has made many changes in the curriculum, further developing the department, in particular in the field of public policy. Beside his work in Al-Quds University Prof Imad fills many important positions he is the Vice Chairman of Alquds Academy for Scientific Research and the Quality of Education, Secretary of the Alquds Fund and Endowment and a member of the Palestinian National School for Administration.

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