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Our Commitments

Supporting excellence in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship

The vision of the Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research focuses on supporting applied scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship through direct financial and technical support to help the creation of new academic societies in Palestine, Jordan and the Arab region capable of developing innovations and applications that are superior in terms of content and social impact in order achieve the desired economic growth in our countries.

Focus on sustainable development

The growing population, environmental and energy challenges, natural resources scarcity, as well as the widening gap between the poor and the rich, have led to the increasing challenges facing our societies. This requires the development of new tools, technologies, innovations and initiatives that contribute to solving these challenges. At Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research we believe that it is very important for societies to have the ability to meet their own challenges and try to develop and create their technologies and innovation that can help them achieve sustainable development.

Developing future tools and technologies 

The great impact of scientific and technological development on our societies is huge in all terms. The rise of nations is achieved through the development and utilization of new tools that enable them to achieve excellence and be able to meet the challenges imposed by increasing technology development and greater competition. Therefore, Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research gives high priority to projects that seek to develop the tools of the future to serve the region and contribute to its progress.


Developing ethical practices

Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research is committed to fair and ethical practices in all its operations with all partners and stakeholders. We believe that transparency and accountability in are of great importance for individuals and communities. Hence, as Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research applies ethical standards in all its operations it expect from all its stakeholders to do so.

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